Discovering My Passion

   I found my passion for horses when I was about 9 years old. I volunteered that summer at Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue in Lancaster, California. Spent the summer feeding horses, shoveling poop and learning the language of equus in its purest form, from wild horses. By the end of the summer I had earned my first horse and took home a 2 year old unbroke grade gelding. That was the start of a whole new education.

  My mother, a dedicated horse woman, discovered it was time to put me in training. She found a great english trainer that nurtured my natural seat, improved my balance and gave me a taste and love for jumping.

   I continued on as a volunteer at Lifesavers for the next 8 years, eventually earning a part-time job as a ranch hand. I was honored to participate in Lifesavers' Wild Horse Boot Camp in 2008 and treasure my time and education at this amazing facility.

  At the age of 10 I began riding on Blue Shadows Mounted Drill Team. This provided a whole new equine education. Every week I drilled on a new horse and every Saturday I began teaching the new kids (remounts) how to ride and drill. After 5 years, and pain stakingly working my way up through the ranks, it was time for me to take my horsemanship to new levels.

   I began helping wonderful people with their problem horses. Some that stick out in my mind are a little morgan cross named Lucy with a crow hoping problem. Now she was a fun horse and her issues worked through with patience and understanding. Then there was Gia, the arab/paso cross that would just lose her head. I started her under saddle the summer of 2009. When she would get emotional she learned she had a support system and a leader to look to for guidance. She will forever be a blessing to me. The lessons learned from this horse will stay with me for the rest of my life. Feather, the reservation mustang that had suffered horrible abuse. Someone had used good ol fear and intimidation with this horse and needless to say hadn't gotten very far. When a horse that has no reason to puts their trust in a human being and gives you their heart, you respect it, you treasure it and you value it for the rest of your life.

   Horses, they are in my soul. I feel for them, understand them and have been called to help them. I am honored to share my time with these worthy, majestic animals.

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